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Advance possesses modern high-technology infrastructure equipped with the latest software, hardware, and network platforms. We aim to continuously upgrade our systems and infrastructure as technology evolves. We also operate robust security processes and guidelines

  • Over 4000 square feet of office space
  • State-of-the-art telecommunications infrastructure
  • Latest communications facilities
  • Internet leased line connections with multiple ISPs
  • Dual homing
  • Dual routing

Advance Accounting is one of the pioneering services in the field of outsourcing the bookkeeping and other accounting services. However, we are one of the firms that protect the interest of the clients from every possible aspect not only with only excellent services but also with improved and better security.

We understand that in the modern world, technology has improved and that has gave rise to the immense cyber crime as well. In order to tackle that, Advance Accounting ensures that none of the data used by us is vulnerable to any malicious activities. We have a team that ensures that no sensitive information of the client is under any kind of attack. We comply to the rules and understand the requirements of the clients for the security purposes. We understand that using of dedicated servers, SSL Certificates and secured communication channels can improve the security of the outsourcing team and the clients and we ensure to follow the same.

However, we are fully aware that data from client needs protection as well and we follow the guidelines of the government of respective countries. We are one of the best professional outsourcing companies and the data protection for the client is our one of the highest priorities. We ensure that there is no gap that can leak the data to anyone else apart from us and the client.

We believe that security is not only protection from the malicious attacks but also from the data protection. However, we offer the best possible technical assistance in order to ensure that all the processes of the clients are running free from any potential danger.