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Accounts Receivable

Accounts Receivable Services

Every organization and the company want to have the cash flow coming for the vibrant business. The Accounts Receivable Services are one of the most important and significant parts of the business. The business is run for the effective cash flow from the receivable accounts. However, it needs to be monitored and tracked constantly. The problem increases with the increase of the number of Account Receivable. We understand that it is a tedious work especially for the organizations that are thronging in their effort to grow and make advancements. However, we, ensure that all your accounts receivable reach you on time to maintain the adequate cash flow into the system.


We are one of the most Cost-Effective outsourcing companies based out in New Delhi. Our cost and service model are one of the best industry with transparent policies and no hidden charges.

Team of Experts

We have qualified, experienced and certified professionals who will take care of all of your accounts receivable. We do not only thrive by the wealth of experience but also with the different and innovative approach for receivable accounts. However, we are also very flexible and ensure that all the latest technology platforms and software tools are used for the services.


We are one of the firms that does not only work independently but also provide excellent service with little dependencies. This brings down management and operation cost with effective cash flow. The risk of unwanted credit and bad debt can avoided as we ensure to get the accounts receivable. We are client focused and ensure that all the accounts receivable are documented with clear approach and can be retrieved at any point of time. These provide the client the idea about the business and get a detailed collection item that can be further used. We have 24*7 services available for the client and it can be used for any kind of assistance. Even though we are based out in New Delhi (India) but we have clients in various geographical regions including US, UK, Australia and Canada and well versed with the process and services.

Services We offer

We are into the account receivable field and ensure wide range of services. Here are the top services provide by us for the clients.

  • Billings preparation and mailing after customer approval
  • Entering receivable transactions into the accounting system
  • Issuing of credit memos and refund checks approved by the customer
  • Prepare ageing reports of all customers
  • Prepare year end accounts receivable reports.